Bearing witness

Anita Krajnc doesn’t take all the credit for founding Toronto Pig Save; if it wasn’t for her four-legged companion, Mr. Bean, she wouldn’t have been exposed to the transport trucks carrying pigs to the slaughterhouse in her neighbourhood.

“When I moved here in 2006, I was already vegan. I was already an activist, but I did nothing. It didn’t even occur to me to go to the slaughterhouse to see the pigs. I just thought, oh, look at the chimney in the distance. Isn’t that awful? Somebody should do something.

“When I adopted Mr. Bean, we’d walk on Lake Shore…

Until recently, I didn’t know that many of the businesses listed here are Canadian, but I’m pleased to see so many innovative businesses creating unique vegan products right here in Canada.

Here are 13 amazing Canadian vegan companies.

The Frauxmagerie

If you’re vegan, there may be some foods you miss because a vegan option has yet to be created. That’s why I’m excited to put poutine back on the menu with the creation of Frauxmagerie’s Vegan Cheese Curds! Learn about this Ontario-based vegan cheese producer’s fresh and aged lines of cheeses by visiting their website.

NONA Vegan Foods

Vegan nachos or fettuccine Alfredo? Or how…

Carole Audet

Wizard of Words. Polisher of Prose. Persuader of Passions. Partaker of Plants. Defender of the Realm of Four-Legged Beings. #AnimalAdvocacy.

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